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Datacentreplus are a UK based data centre located in Manchester. We provide data centre services such as Cloud Servers, Dedicated Servers and Co-location.

A Guide to Choosing the Right Data Centre

Choosing the data centre for your business is a big decision and one that you should take your time on. In fact, it’s from personal experience that we know it is not an easy choice to make and is one of the reasons we set up Datacentreplus. For More Information Visit Website-


Fully Managed Dedicated Servers

Our Fully Managed Dedicated Servers have been put together to give you ease of mind knowing that you’re in expert capable hands when it comes to running and maintaining the server.For More Information Visit Website- https://www.datacentreplus.co.uk/services/managed-dedicated-servers/

Is your Dedicated Server Protected with a Firewall?

You’ve probably heard about firewalls before. But do you actually know what it does and why you need one? Sites are under constant bombardment from different types of attack and leaving a server connected online without even a basic firewall is incredibly risky. Read More Visit our Website:- https://www.datacentreplus.co.uk/blog-post/do-i-need-a-firewall-dedicated-server/

How to improve the security of your server

When setting up your business infrastructure, getting your applications up and running will no doubt be your primary concern. However, making your applications function correctly without addressing the security needs of your infrastructure could have devastating consequences further down the line. Read More Visit Website:- https://www.datacentreplus.co.uk/blog-post/how-to-improve-server-security/

Why Should You Bet on Dedicated Servers Instead of Shared Server?

Are you unsure about which hosting server is right for you? One wouldn’t deny the fact that a website is the backbone of a business and crucial to thriving in the online business world. More Information Visit Website:- https://datacentreplus.tumblr.com/post/180168497468/why-should-you-bet-on-dedicated-servers-instead-of

5 Ways to Enhance Your Data Security

We understand how important data protection and data security is to your business (and is the area that we are most often asked to advise on), which is why we have put together five ways in which you can enhance your data security.

Visit Website: - https://www.datacentreplus.co.uk/blog-post/5-ways-enhance-data-security/

Fully Managed Dedicated Servers in UK with 24 x7 Expert Solution

Let our expert staff do all your server management, we are UK based Fully Managed Servers provider with 24x7 expert solution. We offer an easy method for businesses to purchase and set up with our fully managed server options. You just focus on your business let us deal with your server. Discuss our Managed Server options with our specialist. Call 0161 464 6101.Visit Website: https://www.datacentreplus.co.uk/services/managed-dedicated-servers/

High Performance Dedicated Windows Server in UK


Our highly skilled technicians will build your Windows server to meet your specific requirements using the latest technology. Our Windows server experts also ensure you get the high-performance dedicated server. Contact Datacentreplus for the fastest and most reliable dedicated server solutions in UK.

Visit - https://www.datacentreplus.co.uk/services/dedicated-windows-servers/

Fully Managed Dedicated Hosting Solutions with 24/7 Support

Dedicated Server Hosting with 100% guaranteed network uptime. Our managed dedicated hosting services is designed to provide you optimal performance. Discuss our Managed Server options with a specialist call 0161 464 6101.

Visit Website - https://www.datacentreplus.co.uk/services/managed-dedicated-servers/

Data Centre Plus- A Professional choice for Managed Dedicated Servers in UK

The benefits of managed dedicated servers are limitless. Once you invest in a dedicated server, your website becomes secure and capable enough to handle loads of customers instantly. Find out more here – https://bit.ly/2Ps0gXF

PROS To UK Managed Dedicated Server is an EDGE to Online Business

A website running on a managed dedicated server makes your online business platform extremely reliable, speedy and efficient to handle the abundance of users at the same time. A dedicated server would be able to offer all the resources you needed to gain a competitive edge. The pros of UK managed dedicated servers are: https://bit.ly/2LaeRmZ

Why Migrate to The Cloud and What is “The Cloud”?

Cloud computing, often referred to as “the cloud” is probably something you’ve heard of more times than you can count but if you’re not sure what it actually is and what are the benefits of the cloud, Read here - https://www.datacentreplus.co.uk/blog-post/why-migrate-to-the-cloud/ 

Flexible, Fast and Economical Cloud Server in UK

Datacentreplus is one of the leading cloud server hosting providers in UK. With us you can get flexible, fast, highly Scalable and economical cloud server hosting services. Check out our cloud server hosting packages here - https://www.datacentreplus.co.uk/services/cloud-servers/

Best UK Colocation Services with 24×7 Support

Our UK colocation services provide a reliable, secure and stable environment for your hardware. Get in contact today and find out about our colocation services and reliable solutions. Call 0161 464 6101 today.

Efficient And Fully Managed Dedicated Server in UK

With our UK managed dedicated server we will manage all upgrades and security updates on your server. Also our dedicated server plans include full management, off server backups, and 24/7 support.